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August 16, 2015

Pastor’s Desk

Time flies. Although the season of summer continues, vacation time for students and parents is over.

This week school begins for the students in our parish elementary and high schools, as well as for students in public schools. This means, of course, that we will soon be registering for parish education programs that will resume in September.

As is my custom, I will be taking my annual vacation beginning the middle of September. When I return in early October, I will hold another book study. We will be studying Pope Francis’s Encyclical, “Laudato Si,” which deals with ecology and the need to care for the earth, our “common home” as he calls it. I am tentatively planning to begin on Tuesday, Oct. 29th, and believe we can finish the study in seven weeks, ending on Dec. 1st. I will have more information in time to come, but just want to let you know what I’m thinking.

I hope that your summer has been a good one and that you continue to enjoy beautiful summer days.

God Bless,

Fr. Gary



About our Parish and our Website

Our parish mission statement identifies St. Vincent’s as a Eucharist centered people who, as the Body of Christ, live our faith in word and deed by sharing our time, talent, and treasure to support one another and serve those in need.

This website is intended not only to provide you with the information you need about our parish but also to help us build up our life as a community and so help us in our mission. It provides a way for us to connect with each other; and we invite you to use it to share stories, to learn about what’s happening and what’s coming up, and to provide information you think we all need to hear. This site will evolve as our parish evolves; it belongs to all of us. I hope you find it helpful.

“All are Welcome in this Place.”

As one of Father Gary’s favorite hymns, this song speaks to the atmosphere, design, and heart of St. Vincent’s parish: there is a place here for everyone.  In fact, you are not only welcomed, but needed!  As we explore and expand our ideas of just what a Church community is, we recognize first that pivotal life events occur in church: weddings, baptisms, First Communion, Confirmation; but, we also find that we need community in order to be a Spirit filled Church where we praise God, share our faith, and help one another by way of fellowship, and the numerous ministries available to all parishioners. Through our stewardship, the gift of our time and talent, there is a wonderful opportunity to give and receive, to make friends, to help friends, to see how our talents are a gift from God made for sharing.  We are bonded to a group of people with whom we already have at least one thing in common, and that is our faith.  It is our hope that you will use this community website to build bridges and connect with one another, and see that each of us, too, is a gift from God meant to be shared.



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Our Lupita is having a girl!

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Spiritual Direction

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